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Digital Changes Everything, with guest Janneke Ritchie

May 19 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

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Digital Changes Everything, with guest Janneke Ritchie

Imagine the days before telephones, cars, airplanes, or even disposable diapers. Now think about how it felt to come face to face with technologies that not only improved, but upended daily life.  While the benefits are obvious now, there was often a steep learning curve as people hastened to adapt.  The same can be said of today’s leading-edge digital technology.  New innovations are being developed at lightning speed, yet the path for adaptation and integration has remained much the same.

Digital technologies will continue to transform how we work, live, and age.  Explore how different generations approach digital technologies and how intergenerational partnerships create unbeatable outcomes for all.

Join us for our next “We Need to Talk”  with Janneke Ritchie.

In conversation and in breakout groups, we will:

  • unravel some of the perceived complexity of technology
  • identify new resources
  • help to up your technology game

About Janneke:   Janneke (“Yonica”) Ritchie has spent 20 years designing and implementing solutions to enhance the adoption of new technologies for large corporations. Janneke designs solutions that empower people to go digital and take advantage of modern technologies. As the host of brickTObytes she shares the messy realities, challenges, and frustrations of adapting modern tech to suit your needs and how it can change your life.  More about Janneke


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