Find your purpose and meaning with entrepreneurial thinking!

  • Revive self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Understand how to ignite your imagination and creativity
  • View differing perspectives, shift paradigms, and broaden horizons
  • Build resilience to cope with ambiguity, uncertainty, and risk
  • Identify unconscious bias and self-directed ageism that is holding you back
  • Spot opportunities you might have missed
  • Examine which values play important roles in your life today
  • Explore how gratitude and optimism influence your mindset

Using Emergenetics, a psychometric profile, analysis, and debrief is offered as a tool to increase awareness of self and others. It is foundational to all entrepreneurial thinking and highly recommended as a first session.

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The National Poll on Healthy Aging, by the University of Michigan, in July of 2020 posits that, “Overall 82% of older adults, aged 50 to 80, reported regularly experiencing at least one form of everyday ageism in their day to day lives.”

Top Sixty is occasionally consulted for support on age discrimination cases being placed before the Human Rights Tribunal.  While Top Sixty is pleased to offer support, it does not provide legal advice.



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