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VIDEO - Lifelong Learning and Earning - Helen Hirsh Spence

Extract from Lifelong Learning and Earning, a side event of the 11th session of the UN’s Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing, Pass It On Network, April 2020.

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Changing Work Patterns

Living longer lives also means longer work lives.

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The Folly of Self-directed Ageism

Sometimes the fight to be seen starts within.

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Building On Diveristy

A look at intergenerational teams and the importance of age inclusion when addressing diversity.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Future of Work and the Longevity Bonus

The future of work will be shaped by our longevity, learn how in this infographic.  Free for download.

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That Age-Old Question

A plain-language research report that explores how attitudes towards ageing can affect our health and well being. – Its Mission and Mandate are Clear and Broad

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ReSet Research

Research conducted on the original ReSet program focussed on older adults.

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Working is the New Retirement

Retirement is becoming more elusive for many Canadians, some continue their jobs with adjustments to their hours while others tackle new careers and creative pursuits.

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Students in Milan are moving in with the elderly

This article from the World Economic Forum explores the living solution older adults and students found in Italy’s most expensive city.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Truth About An Ageing Workforce

Today’s 60+ aged adults are more active, tech-savvy and better educated than the same age group of any previous generation. Learn the truth about an ageing workforce. Free for download.

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When No One Retires

Part one of a 7-part-series from HBR explores the ageing workforce.

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Over 60? The Direction is "Forward"!

At 61 years of age, Charles (Chuck) Letourneau doesn’t anticipate his life will differ much when he reaches the “normal” retirement age of 65.

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Retirement? You’ve Got to be Kidding!

Ginny Merritt never expected to retire. At 75, with her job about to disappear due to a takeover, she is already contemplating new challenges.

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How Old Are Successful Tech Entrepreneurs?

Kellogg Insights showcases research that definitively dismisses the mythology of the tech “wunderkind” in this interesting article. Try their success calculator, you may be surprised at what you find!

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Silicon Valley's ideal entrepreneur is about 20 years too young, research shows

Silicon Valley may favor the young, but technology’s romantic idea of the youthful, enterprising entrepreneur may be off by about 20 years, according to a new study.

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Looking at the Aging Workforce Through a New Lens

Longitudes look at how older workers are a largely an untapped opportunity.

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