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Top Sixty is happy to deliver presentations on a range of topics related to the challenges and benefits of working in later life.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  TALK TO US.  We are always developing new content.



ReSetting Old – Reframing the conversation on growing old

Explore what it means to be old in the 21st century. When ageing is viewed as momentum, not failure, opportunities for businesses and individuals are unlimited.

The Future of Work Includes Older Workers – Multigenerational workforces are the new norm, now and in the future

From technology to experience the reasons for our ageing workforce won’t disappear with Boomers. This means “Ageing Out” will no longer be the preferred or successful employee path for strategic businesses.

LIfelong Learning at Work – Reaching personal and professional potential is a lifelong journey

What kind of language is used in messaging?  Which images and messages are you sending in promotional pieces and other communications?  Are you attracting the clientele you want and need?

Intergenerational Power – Breaking down workplace age silos to build a better organizational culture

Segregation based on age permeates most of our society including many workplaces. These divisions undermine our work communities and our productivity.  Breaking the barriers is all about adjusting attitudes and opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Activity for the Intrapreneur – Older workers in the gig economy

Businesses benefit from the experience and innovation of their senior employees. Leaders can use the characteristics of the gig economy to create a win-win opportunity for organizations and employees as older workers seek more flexible work arrangements.

Speaking engagements:  $750 to $2,000 CAD + HST


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