Top Sixty Over Sixty is a niche age diversity consultancy that provides the tools and training to address ageism and promote age diversity.

We drive success by resetting thinking, unlocking potential, and leveraging the talent of all generations.  A social enterprise, Top Sixty advocates for age diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

  • Through coursework, training, and coaching, we show mature adults how to renew and reinvest their knowledge, skills, and experience to reinvent themselves with purpose.
  • We consult businesses and provide training on age diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how best to leverage the talent of a multigenerational workforce.

Created in 2017, Top Sixty Over Sixty focused on older Canadians and encouraged them to reinvent themselves to meet new work and entrepreneurial challenges.

Top Sixty Over Sixty continues to evolve.  It works with progressive businesses and organizations to maximize efficiency, innovation, and prosperity.  We offer practical guidance on how to engage an ageing workforce and create stronger sales opportunities for ageing customer segments.

We do this in four ways:

  • We motivate and re-skill older adults by introducing an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • We help employers transform their multigenerational workforces into innovative, intergenerational teams.
  • We advise businesses on how to attract and retain a diversely aged workforce.
  • We show progressive businesses how to avoid age-bias in their branding, hiring, and communications.

Top Sixty Over Sixty provides original and curated resources of interest to businesses and organisations, as well as individuals.  These include a monthly newsletter, The 360, blogs, and online resources.  Events and workshops are held as programming and demand dictate.


To provide the tools and training to address ageism and promote age diversity in the workplace.


A world that embraces and encourages the vital contributions and value of those over age 60.


Top Sixty Over Sixty is guided by a commitment to the following:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Diversity
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Life-long learning
  • Social Impact

Learn more about Top Sixty’s Team and Advisory Council HERE


Top Sixty Over Sixty is pleased to partner with Connected Canadians

Connected Canadians is a non-profit organization that promotes digital literacy skills amongst older adults by providing free technology training and support. The organization believes that all people should be empowered to use technology safely and effectively to help them engage with loved ones and enhance their quality of life. Connected Canadians uses a customized, hands-on centred approach to learning.

Top Sixty Over Sixty is a proud member of the Encore Network

The Encore Network is a coalition of leaders who champion the civic, social, and economic contributions of people 50+ by creating community, stimulating learning, and inspiring action to transform the encore stage of life.

Encore Network Logo

Top Sixty Over Sixty has signed ILC’s Consensus Statement

International Longevity Centre UK (ILCUK ) is the UK’s specialist thank tank on the impact of longevity on society, and what happens next.  Its Consensus Statement,  “It’s time for an Ageing Society New Deal”, calls for G20 countries to commit to developing country-level strategies for ageing.  CLICK HERE to read ILC’s Consensus Statement.

Top Sixty Over Sixty is pleased to be a member of the EveryAGE Counts Coalition

By joining the EveryAGE Counts Coalition of organizations and individuals, we commit to the EveryAGE Counts Pledge:  “We stand for a world without ageism where all people of all ages are valued and respected and their contributions are acknowledged. We commit to speak out and take action to ensure older people can participate on equal terms with others in all aspects of life.” 

Top Sixty Over Sixty highlights the important work of eQuo

eQuo serves as a truly inclusive platform for entrepreneurs and investors that are often otherwise left out of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The eQuo platform matches entrepreneurs with investors, funding and capital based on mutually aligned criteria, thus ensuring all entrepreneurs are included and have equitable access to capital, and providing entrepreneurs with the funding they need to grow.

eQuo ensures its network empowers entrepreneurs and investors to realize their full potential by providing equitable access to resources, information and support. Learn more at www.equoshift.com.

Top Sixty Over Sixty is a member and shares the values and goals of the LLEL collaborative

The Living, Learning, and Earning Longer (LLEL) Collaborative is an initiative led by AARP, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Economic Forum (WEF). The collaborative includes 70 global companies working together to explore new ways to nurture a multigenerational workforce—offering the policies, practices, and business rationale for doing so.  These companies represent over 3 million employees and $1.6 trillion in revenue as they work together to uncover a power source for economic growth.

Top Sixty Over Sixty is proud to be a member of the Ottawa Board of Trade

The Ottawa Board of Trade is the voice for business and key advocate for economic development in the Ottawa region. Its mission is to cultivate a thriving world class business community in by influencing economic development through leadership and partnerships. An independent, non-partisan, non-profit and member-driven association, the Ottawa Board of Trade represents the interests of all businesses at every level of government to ensure a competitive business climate, economic growth, and community prosperity. For information, visit www.ottawabot.ca.

Logo of the Ottawa Board of Trade