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Age diversity has become a business requirement. Employees now work into their sixties and seventies and it is anticipated that today’s twenty-year-olds will work into their eighties. Age diversity is also a successful business strategy. It inspires better organizational culture, improved customer service and stronger corporate brands. Age-diverse organizations are more productive and research shows generationally diverse teams are better at creative problem solving and innovation. However, the benefits of age diversity only manifest when there is genuine integration.


By leveraging the talents of all generations in the workforce, Top Sixty:

  • motivates and reengages older workers;

  • transforms multigenerational workforces into intergenerational teams;

  • advises businesses on how to attract and retain a diversely aged workforce;

  • shows businesses how to avoid age-bias in branding and communications;

  • creates custom reciprocal mentorship programs;

  • enhances leadership and team effectiveness.

With more than 50 years of collective experience in educating and motivating individuals of all ages, T60 provides the advice and insights needed to build a positive and productive work culture.  Using research-based methodologies and proprietary tools recognized around the world to develop individual and group strengths, T60 provides recommendations on the strategies organizations need to succeed.

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To inspire a movement of social innovation among older adults that de-stigmatizes ageing and embraces intergenerational engagement.



  • Help organizations develop innovative age-inclusive cultures

  • Help people of all ages reinvent themselves and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset



Top Sixty is guided by a commitment to the following:

  • Inclusiveness

  • Diversity

  • Community

  • Respect

  • Life-long learning

  • Social Impact

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Top Sixty Over Sixty is a proud member of the Encore Network

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