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Top Sixty is an organizational and workforce development consultancy. We work with employers and individuals to understand and adapt to an ageing workforce and population.

We effect change in work environments by tapping into the strengths of a multi-generational workforce and we also advise on how to attract a diversely aged clientele.

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Recruitment, retention, and retraining

Successful organizations are the ones that move past the old myths.  We help organizations look carefully at hiring practices, how promotions are given, and how to match training needs with individual career stage development.  Our programs break through the distractions created by age myths and get to the heart of matters facing your organization.


Transformation to a diverse, multigenerational workforce

By strengthening the entrepreneurial mindset that allows employees to be problem-solvers and opportunity spotters, we build teams that are resilient and respectful of the advantages and insights that everyone brings to the table.

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Marketing and communications

What kind of language is used in messaging?  Which images and messages are you sending in promotional pieces and other communications?  Are you attracting the clientele you want and need?


Consulting packages

Every age and stage of life brings new personal and professional demands. Meeting the needs of employees requires flexibility and a variety of choices. The end result is greater commitment, loyalty and productivity to employers.

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