Reinvesting experience with passion and purpose to achieve social good

The Top 60 Over 60  is Canada’s one and only support community and recognition program that celebrates entrepreneurs over the age of 60 who combine previous experience with passion and purpose to achieve social good.

The Top 60 Over 60 will support senior entrepreneurs by providing workshops, seminars, tools and other events focussed on meeting their needs. 


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Is Age Just a Number?

New demographic trends are emerging and dominating news cycles.  Statistics Canada predicts the population of those over 65, who currently outnumber youth under the age of 15 at 5.9 million, will double in two decades.

How will Canada reconcile these demographic trends, maintain economic growth, keep health care costs down and provide the stimulus to continue innovating?

The Top 60 Over 60 will:

  • provide unique opportunities to dispel commonly held myths about aging, entrepreneurship and generational differences. 
  • lead positive change by reinvesting the experience, expertise, networks, and resources of entrepreneurs over 60 into the economy.
  • have the potential to significantly reduce total healthcare cost to the 65+ demographic (currently estimated at 50% of every healthcare dollar) by creating purpose in the lives of older adults.
  • create 295,000 new entrepreneurship ventures (based on 5% participation of Canada’s fastest growing demographic---currently at 5.9 million and doubling in the next two decades).

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The Top 60 Over 60 inspires a movement of social innovation among the 60+ demographic. It de-stigmatizes aging and embraces intergenerational engagement.


To provide support, advocacy and a learning community for entrepreneurial activity and recognize those over 60 who reinvest their experience with passion and purpose.


This initiative is guided by a commitment to the following:

  • Inclusiveness  
  • Diversity
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Life-long learning
  • Social Impact

©  2017  The Top Sixty Over Sixty. All rights reserved.

©  2017  The Top Sixty Over Sixty. All rights reserved.

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