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Top Sixty works with progressive businesses and organizations to maximize efficiency, innovation and prosperity by leveraging the talent of their multigenerational workforces.

Using our proven, research-based programs, Top Sixty can:

  • Redesign, train, and implement your inclusion program.
  • Consult on the impact of ageism to improve your  bottom line.
  • Facilitate focus groups, discussions, retreats, and events.
  • Train your multigenerational team to be intergenerational

“Working across an increasing number of generations is
the way of the future and presents untold opportunity.”
Top Sixty Founder, Helen Hirsh Spence


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Top Sixty Over Sixty provides the tools and training to address ageism and promote age diversity.  A social enterprise, Top Sixty advocates for age diversity, equity, and inclusion. Visit our ABOUT page to learn how we do this.


June 1, 2023 is Intergenerational Day Canada

Multigenerational teams perform better and provide a stronger pipeline of talent. They provide continuity, stability, and retention of intellectual capital. Age-diverse workforces also offer more insights into older consumers and the 50-plus marketplace – a marketplace that generates $8.3 trillion in economic activity annually in the United States alone.​
Download the report:  AARP_2020-Global-Insights-Multigenerational-Workforce_IssueBrief.doi.10.26419.001pdf

Older and younger people work together in office.


Co-Generate (Generate Together) for a Better Future

Co-Generate (Generate Together) for a Better Future

Today’s workforce comprises up to five generations. In the 1950s no more than three generations worked together. The current reality presents untold opportunities to combine the thinking, resources, expertise, and experience of people from ages 15 to 100.

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The 100-year life is here

The 100-year life is here

The 100-year life isn’t a vision of the future. It is already here. There are almost 10,000 Canadian centenarians according to the last census. Eighty-five-year-olds are the fastest-growing age group and there are now more people aged 65 or older than there are children.

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