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Top Sixty works with progressive businesses and organizations to maximize efficiency, innovation and prosperity by leveraging the talent of their multigenerational workforces.

Using our proven, research-based programs, Top Sixty can:

  • Redesign, train, and implement your inclusion program.
  • Consult on the impact of ageism to improve your  bottom line.
  • Facilitate focus groups, discussions, retreats, and events.
  • Train your multigenerational team to be intergenerational

“Working across an increasing number of generations is
the way of the future and presents untold opportunity.”
Top Sixty Founder, Helen Hirsh Spence


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Helen Hirsh Spence delivers an ‘Emerge’ TEDx talk in Kanata, Ontario

Helen Hirsh Spence delivered a TEDx talk, Embrace Age with a Longevity Mindset, on May 15, 2024. You can watch the video of Helen’s TEDx presentation on YOUTUBE. (Length, 12:36 min.)

Passionate about spreading her message, Helen is a keynote speaker who enlightens audiences on longevity and the new map of life. She challenges the old norms and misconceptions about older adults, promotes age diversity, and advocates for mixed-age workplaces and the benefits of working in later life.

In addition to topics customized to your interests, some of Helen’s popular topics include:

  • Re-framing the conversation on growing old
  • Multigenerational workforces are the new norm
  • Breaking down workplace age silos to build a better organizational culture
  • Entrepreneurial activity for the intrapreneurs
  • Lifelong learning at work

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Top Sixty Over Sixty provides the tools and training to address ageism and promote age diversity.  A social enterprise, Top Sixty advocates for age diversity, equity, and inclusion. Visit our ABOUT page to learn how we do this.


Ageism and Politics

Ageism and Politics

Dr. Ranganath puts Biden’s forgetfulness in context by explaining that the average older person may experience “retrieval failure” but that doesn’t signal cognitive decline.

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What do you immediately think of when you hear or see the words ‘emerging market(s)’? There is a good chance you may think of developing countries or developing economies. There is another way to look at emerging markets. How about the growing global cohort of older adults and the benefits of marketing to that group?

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The “End Times”: Challenging Ageism

The “End Times”: Challenging Ageism

Notes Helen in the podcast, “We have to educate people because… when you introduce that phrase [You look good for your age], people think it’s a compliment. I think many of us took it as a compliment until we realized, “What does my age look like? What does any age look like?”

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A Quiet Discrimination

A Quiet Discrimination

“Ageism—the bias or prejudice based on age—continues to be socially acceptable, going largely unnoticed,” says Helen Hirsh Spence. “It’s evident everywhere and every day. It’s visible at the checkout in the grocery store, in our healthcare system, and throughout the service industry. If you’re labeled a ‘senior’ you are considered frail, vulnerable and in decline.” 

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‘There’s still time to re-create myself’

‘There’s still time to re-create myself’

Retirement at 65 is an antiquated notion, says Helen Hirsh Spence, founder of Top Sixty Over Sixty, which helps organizations understand the value of having a multi-generational workforce. “Older adults have what’s called crystallized intelligence. Young people have fluid intelligence,” said Spence. “You need both.”

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