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Top Sixty works with progressive businesses and organizations to maximize efficiency, innovation and prosperity by leveraging the talent of their multigenerational workforces.

Using our proven, research-based programs, Top Sixty can:

  • Redesign, train, and implement your inclusion program.
  • Consult on the impact of ageism to improve your  bottom line.
  • Facilitate focus groups, discussions, retreats, and events.
  • Train your multigenerational team to be intergenerational

“Working across an increasing number of generations is
the way of the future and presents untold opportunity.”
Top Sixty Founder, Helen Hirsh Spence


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Top Sixty Over Sixty provides the tools and training to address ageism and promote age diversity.  A social enterprise, Top Sixty advocates for age diversity, equity, and inclusion. Visit our ABOUT page to learn how we do this.



Are you an ageist?

Ageism includes both attitudes and beliefs towards older adults, as well as actions resulting from these attitudes and beliefs. Ageism can take many forms. While society widely condemns other forms of discrimination such as racism and sexism, ageism remains accepted and unchallenged in many circumstances. Some examples of ageism include:

  • jokes about a person’s age and making fun of older adults in general
  • workplace or health care policies that discriminate against older adults
  • older adults being patronized, ignored, or insulted
  • assuming that an older adult is incapable of making their own decisions
  • older adults being offered different screenings or medical treatments than individuals in other age group

Government of Canada Discussion Guide on Ageism in Canada

Older and younger people work together in office.


The 100-year life is here

The 100-year life is here

The 100-year life isn’t a vision of the future. It is already here. There are almost 10,000 Canadian centenarians according to the last census. Eighty-five-year-olds are the fastest-growing age group and there are now more people aged 65 or older than there are children.

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