CTV Morning Live Ottawa

“Older people today are not like their grandparents”, says Helen Hirsh Spence

November 24, 2021

Top Sixty founder, Helen Hirsh Spence, talks with CTV’s Morning Life Ottawa host, Rosey Edeh, about one of Canada’s most overlooked resources, older adults.  Helen explains that older people today are not the same as their grandparents’ they are well-educated, and well-equipped to address Canada’s current labour shortage.

WATCH HERE (Video, 3:30 min)

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The Brian Crombie Hour, Sauga 960 AM

Yes! Older adults CAN bring value to the workplace

November 24, 2021

Brian Crombie discusses ageism with Top Sixty Founder, Helen Hirsh Spence, and Valerie Fox, an expert in business accelerators and incubators.  Tune into this insightful and in-depth dialogue; it’s worth listening to every minute!

WATCH HERE (Video, 46.10 min)

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Toronto Star

Labour shortage? The answer is to bring older adults back into the workforce

By Helen Hirsh Spence, Nov. 7, 2021

Headlines about the “big quit” and the “great resignation” have dominated the news recently.  Unquestionably, the labour shortage is real for both lower-skill jobs and knowledge workers.

Regrettably, employers continue to to overlook one of Canada’s growing and sustainable resources, its aging demographic. Businesses fail to take advantage of the fastest growing segment of the population — people over age 55 who are talented, capable and interested in work, yet who are ignored due to unconscious age bias.

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An Entrepreneurial Story


Top Sixty founder, Helen Hirsh Spence’s entrepreneurial story was recently shared on  Helen’s words of advice:  It is never too late to start anew again. Life is not a nice, neat, linear package. Always look for the silver lining in every cloud.

Read the interview HERE.

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Fighting Ageism

Good Times, Canada’s magazine for successful retirement

Negative stereotypes about older people— whether you believe them or they come from others—can cause real harm.
By Wendy Half

Read the article HERE.

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Retirement Rebellion

George Jerjian interviews Helen HirshSpence

George Jerjian, mindset mentor, writer, and speaker, explores Helen Hirsh Spence’s views on retirement.

Read the interview HERE.

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George Jerjian, Retirement Rebellion

Paving the Way for the Aging Population in the Workforce

Deborah (Deb) Crowe, host of Imperfect, interviews Helen HirshSpence

Deborah (Deb) Crowe, Executive & Business Coach and host of Imperfect The Heart-centered Leadership Podcast speaks with Top Sixty founder, Helen Hirsh Spence, about Ageism Leadership:  Paving the Way for the Aging Population in the Workforce.

LISTEN HERE to Episode 63 of Deb Crowe’s podcast series.

Podcast_Imperfect, Heart-Centered Leadership

Imperfect, The Heart-Centered Leadership Podcast

CanAge Conversations:  Champions for Change

Laura Tamblyn Watts, CanAge CEO, interviews Helen HirshSpence

LISTEN to this episode where Laura Tamblyn Watts talks with Helen Hirsh Spence about a variety of topics including the benefits of gratitude, and how viewing life optimistically can improve your life.  Part of a CanAge series of fireside chats with influential and inspiring people who work tirelessly in the field of ageing.

Ottawa Citizen
Helen Hirsh Spence – COVID-19 Strains the Kid-Grandparent Connection

Read Helen’s opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen HERE

Platinum Pivot Interview w/Helen Hirsh Spence

Top Sixty Over Sixty Founder and CEO, Helen Hirsh Spence discusses ways to overcome self-directed ageism in this interview.

Ottawa Business Journal

Helen Hirsh Spence – How Ottawa employers can harness the power of talented – and often overlooked – labour pool

Read Helen’s opinion piece in the Ottawa Business Journal HERE

Ottawa Citizen

Helen Hirsh Spence – Older adults could be our ticket to prosperity after the pandemic

Read Helen’s opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen HERE

Ottawa Citizen

Debra Yearwood – Just whose ‘diversity’ are we talking about?

Read Debra’s opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen HERE

Toronto Star

Helen Hirsh Spence: All ‘seniors’ shouldn’t be lumped together

Read Helen’s opinion piece in the Toronto Star HERE

Toronto Star

Helen Hirsh Spence: The (old) elephant in the room: value of older workers ignored 

Read Helen’s opinion piece in the Toronto Star HERE


On Inspiration: An Interview With Virginia Merritt

Inspiration can come everyday in numerous ways, it’s just a matter of looking.

On Inspiration: An Interview With Laurèl Craib Laurin

Inspiration can come everyday in numerous ways, its just a matter of looking. Following a Top Sixty Over Sixty event on inspiration at the Ottawa Gallery, Laurèl Craib Laurin shared her take aways and advice on staying inspired.

Emergenetics Wins Reader’s Choice Award in the HR Reporter

Top Sixty Over Sixty uses Emergenetics in its individual and team assessments and we are pleased to see it recognized in the HR Reporter.

You can read more about it HERE

Ottawa Citizen

Helen Hirsh Spence Let’s change our narrative around what it means to be a ‘senior’

Read Helen’s opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen HERE

Connected Canadians 

Helen talks about learning technical skills with Connected Canadians

If you are an older adult interested in learning new technical skills or refining the ones you have, you will want to learn more about Connected Canadians. Watch Helen’s review below.

Innovating Employment: Episode 10

Empowering older workers to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, with Helen Hirsh Spence

Helen joins the program to discuss empowering older workers (over the age of 55) to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. Listen HERE

LiisBeth Dispatch (Digital)

Turning the Grey Tsunami into the Silver Economy

Helen Hirsh Spence (Top Sixty Over Sixty CEO and Founder) was interviewed by Lana Pesch, Associate Editor of LiisBeth on the challenges of ageism and the potential of older adults. Read more HERE

Ottawa Experts (English)

Top Sixty Over Sixty Founder and CEO, Helen Hirsh Spence and new jewellery artisan/entrepreneur, Vicki Jasperse were featured on Rogers TV show, Ottawa Experts.  Helen and Vicki explored the changing nature of ageing, its implications for the future of work and answered questions from callers. To watch the interview, visit HERE

EntreNous (French)

Watch interview with Helen Hirsh Spence and host Catherine Marion as they discuss ageing today.

CTV News Ottawa (English)

Watch a CTV interview with Helen Spence, Debra Yearwood, Michael Oster and CTV Ottawa host, Leanne Cusack as they discuss the Top 60 Over 60 follow links here: Part 1 & Part 2

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