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Buy or Create (A quick guide to help you decide)

The Top Sixty Over Sixty Buy or Create Guide provides quick notes on the challenges and advantages of buying versus creating a business from scratch and gives tips on purchasing.


Members can download the toolkit by clicking on the link HERE


Excerpt from Buy or Create


Buy or Create? Should You Buy Or Create Your Business? By Helen Hirsh Spence and Debra Yearwood Becoming an entrepreneur is often associated with creating something from scratch; a new product, service or business. Within an organization it can also be about attitude or approach; then it’s referred to as the intrapreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurial activities can be businesses or services built on innovative ideas or an aspiration that people rally around. It can be as uncomplicated as putting out a shingle and offering services as a contractor or consultant. The truth is there are all kinds of entrepreneurs and many of them start by taking over an existing business. If you are uncertain what path is right for you, consider the following before making a decision.


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