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Sponsors are corporations, foundations, businesses, philanthropists and/or government agencies who are influencers and innovators.

They understand that the 60+ demographic represents an untapped resource of benefit to their organizations as well as to Canada as a whole. As a Sponsor, you:

  • Are an industry trendsetter in support of later stage (senior) and intergenerational entrepreneurship.
  • Are willing to invest in on-the-ground innovation that produces a talent windfall for society.
  • Demonstrate leadership in shaping the conversation around longer and more meaningful lives, beyond financial expectations to include community engagement and impact.
  • Benefit from new learning about how to work across generations.
  • Align with and underscore your interest in catalyzing innovation.
  • Have a unique opportunity to shape the future of this venture.

Founding Sponsorship gives you:

  • Recognition that you value the importance of and are willing to raise awareness about senior entrepreneurship and intergenerational work. 
  • Your logo/company name will be prominently placed in all print, online communications and promotional items.
  • Participation in all events leading up to and including an awards celebration and conference scheduled for 2018

Criteria for Sponsorship
Packages available for founding sponsors and exclusive categories.

Please contact helen@thetopsixtyoversixty.com for additional information.


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