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The ReSet program is delivered in two ways: for individuals in a group setting and for organizational teams. The focus of ReSet is to reduce ageism, help older adults redesign their future while also increasing their entrepreneurial mindset and to facilitate better multigenerational teams. The Top Sixty Over Sixty’s definition of entrepreneurship encompasses intrapreneurship, social entrepreneurship, green entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurship. Whether entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial, having a strong sense of self-agency is critical to effectively achieving objectives.

The efficacy of the ReSet program was evaluated in partnership with Ryerson University, the Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. The research verifies that the program is effective at both reducing ageism, inspiring positive planning for the future and increasing the entrepreneurial mindset.

Both the corporate and individual program include three modules and can include on site meetups. A modified program, however, can be offered in specified modules according to needs.


Benefits of ReSet

ReSet Enhances Leadership Skills

One of the more significant findings noted by participants was the energizing and inspiring effect of the program. Examples of some of the effects shared with facilitators by participants include:

  • Overcoming struggles with long-term indecision;
  • Increased perseverance in the face of challenging situations;
  • Better ability to reframe problems as opportunities;
  • Improved understanding of how they are perceived by others;
  • Better understanding of others;
  • Greater self-confidence and self-awareness.

ReSet Improves Organizational Culture

ReSet is crafted to:

  • Enhance better communication among colleagues
  • Increase an appreciation for different thinking and behavioural styles. This contributes to clearer expectations and a better understanding of the link between individual performance organizational objectives.
  • Build stronger relationships between coworkers
  • Showcase the benefits of synergistic approaches to developing and testing ideas. This leads to empathy, collaboration and engagement, all of which are key to improved organizational culture.

ReSet Enhances Innovation & Creativity

ReSet teaches participants to:

  • Better understand how their behaviour affects the organization. This makes them more effective at spotting opportunities for innovation.
  • Through participation in the ReSet program they acquire behavioural tools and tips that inspire and encourage innovation.  
  • They learn how to improve functional creativity
  • How to be better problem-solvers, and
  • How to raise confidence and competency.

ReSet Increases Motivation & Productivity

Motivated employees increase productivity, reduce costs, have lower levels of absenteeism and organizations with motivated staff have lower levels of turnover. ReSet demonstrates how:

  • Language influences thoughts and feelings of optimism
  • Various problem solving techniques work on different kinds of problems
  • To work with others who have different thinking and behavioural preferences,
  • To engage more effectively resulting in higher levels of success and resilience in challenging times.


How it Works

Module One - Understanding Yourself and Others: This module uses Emergenetics, a well-established, reliable and valid psychometric tool to generate individual profiles Participants complete the survey online and then attend a full-day interactive session where they learn the results of the profile and the benefits of working with a diverse groups of people. The Emergenetics profile emphasizes individual talents and strengths, which can then be used as team building tools. Participants explore how their personal thinking and behavioural preferences guide conduct and provide insight into the thinking styles and behavioural preferences of others.

Module Two - Ageism, Shifting Paradigms and Optimism: Module Two introduces concepts related to ageism, the impact of changing demographics on ageist attitudes and the power of paradigms in informing how and what we “see”. It also focuses on aligning values with lifestyle. The value of optimistic mindset and other “on purpose” traits, such as gratitude, are identified and discussed.

Module Three - Vision, Persuasion and Problem Solving: Module Three explores the importance of personal and professional vision and brand development. Design thinking methodology is introduced as an effective means to resolve both “wicked” and simple problems and challenges.

Meetups – Stand-alone educational and social gatherings: Additional intrapreneurial competencies are presented through interactive activities during monthly evening sessions.

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