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Are You Ready For A ReSet?



Top 60 Over 60 is in a research partnership with the Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation which is supported by Ryerson University through a grant from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.



Helen Hirsh Spence and Debra Yearwood of the Top 60 Over 60 are conducting this research study. Research assistant, Celine Delacroix, will assist them in this endeavour.



The stigmatizing effect of ageism on mature workers has a direct impact on productivity, innovation and the wellbeing of older adults and society. This study aims to better understand the linkages between self-perception on aging and the entrepreneurial mindset of Canadians over 55. We will explore how a personal and professional development program, “ReSet”, can reduce the negative impact of internalized ageism on the entrepreneurial mindset of this population.




The “ReSet” program is a personal and professional development program consisting of 3 modules. Each module will be conducted under the following conditions:

  • Duration of each module: 6 hours – between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm (refreshments and lunch will be provided)
  • Location: A rented space such as a large seminar or teaching/workshop lab in Ottawa.

All modules will have integrated activities framed by PowerPoint presentations. These interactive class exercises will enhance the sense of community among participants giving them an opportunity to get to know each other better and learn from their mutual experience. The ReSet Workbooks and MeetUps will augment the time spent in the workshops.  

MeetUps provide an opportunity for participants to network, to ask questions of investigators and peers and to enter into collaborative problem-solving.  MeetUps are useful to address the isolation factor that is common to both entrepreneurs and older adults.

Module One


Participants will take part in a series of exercises that explore how their personal thinking styles and behavioural preferences guide their conduct and understanding of self.

Module Two


Module two will introduce concepts related to ageism, the impact of changing demographics on ageist attitudes and the power of paradigms in informing how and what we see. The second part of the day will provide information and tools for how to change mindset and develop a strong personal vision.

Module Three


Module three will begin with an overview of the challenges and opportunities associated with entrepreneurial activity (risks, business planning, structure, financial considerations, etc.). Thoughts from a panel of older entrepreneurs will be shared followed by the steps involved in developing a professional vision. This will segue into information on developing personal and professional brands and how they are integrated into the marketing and sales process.

If you're interested in participating or learning more please contact us by clicking on the contact button at the top of the page and we'll contact you with additional information. Also, take a look at our events page and join us at our next meetup.

This study has been reviewed by the Ryerson University Research Ethics Board.




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