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Launching ReSet

 Jan 15, 2018 8:00 PM
by Helen Spence

The Top 60 Over 60 launches its first signature program.

In early 2018 a research project, ReSet, will be launched by the Top 60 Over 60 in partnership with the Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation and supported by Ryerson University and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development. The stigmatizing effect of ageism on older workers has a direct impact on productivity, innovation and the wellbeing of older adults and society. ReSet is a three module learning program designed to reduce internalized ageism and support participants as they explore their personal and professional potential.

The program challenges the youth centric beliefs that diminish the value and contribution that the older generation has to offer and introduces basic entrepreneurial concepts. ReSet is designed for people 55 and older who are approaching retirement age, or are in retirement and dissatisfied with it; or those who have been pushed out of jobs in later life and are now finding it difficult to re-enter the labour market.

ReSet will hopefully increase the confidence of older adults by framing their experience and knowledge as positive so that they, too, start to believe in themselves and their potential, possibly as entrepreneurs. As there has been little or no exploration of how self-directed ageism affects older Canadians’ view of themselves, we hope to gain a better understanding of the role of internalized ageism and identify gaps and challenges facing older workers.

The inspiration for ReSet originates with the Top 60 Over 60’s mission to provide support, advocacy and a learning community for entrepreneurial activity. Currently in its first phase of development, the focus is on de-stigmatising ageing and working with older adults as they explore and innovate later in life.  

Volunteers will be needed for this research project which is currently undergoing the Ryerson Ethics Board review.  For more information please see the ReSet tab on this website or contact Helen@topsixtyoversixty.com

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