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The Top 60 over 60 is a platform created to celebrate, educate and amplify the positive impact of Canadians over the age of 60 who combine previous experience with passion and purpose. 

This initiative provides unique opportunities to dispel commonly held myths about aging, entrepreneurship and generational differences. 

It motivates the 60+ demographic to reinvest their talents, skills, knowledge, networks and resources to benefit future generations and solutions. It encourages participation and collaboration within a safe, experiential learning community.

The Top 60 Over 60 provides opportunities to support this under-served demographic through dynamic interactions and a platform that provides learning opportunities, support services and ultimately intergenerational collaboration.

By facilitating exposure to new ideas and expertise from a variety of sources, the 60+ demographic has an opportunity to regroup, re-energize and regenerate.  Using the expertise of leading policy makers, authors, thought leaders among others, participants can take advantage of course work, conferences, events, webinars, virtual meetings and participate in spaces  with resources designed for this age cohort. 

The Top 60 over 60 fosters the conditions and community needed to support a stronger Canada. 

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