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June 27, 2017 , 5-7 pm     "Next Steps: Exploring Opportunities and Possibilities"

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Social Media 101 (TBD)


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Mythbusting: Celebrating the truth about today’s 60+ workforce 

On May 9th we gathered at City Hall to hear words of wisdom from workplace expert, Lisa Taylor. Lisa shared compelling insights and statistics on today's workforce and noted that we are in a revolutionary stage. These changes are promising to be as dramatic as those brought on by technology. The results promise to result in a more dynamic and intergenerational workforce. Longer lives mean legacy careers will be the new norm and boomers will blaze that trail into the future.

About Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor is a recognized North American expert in the field of the ageing workforce and the future of work trends. Lisa is an author, speaker and the founder of Challenge Factory, a Talent Equity firm based in Toronto. 

Lisa is a trailblazer intent on challenging outdated career thinking. She understands how demographics are driving strategic changes to today’s workforces and her company – Challenge Factory – tackles every aspect of the issue with real world solutions. Lisa identifies the aging workforce as a catalyst for innovation and challenges corporate leaders to initiate talent revolutions within their organizations.


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